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As a teacher, I have the privilege of being a part of someone’s musical journey – whether it’s right from the start, helping them find their voice, learn the language, or sometimes, it’s at a much later part of their journey, perhaps helping them do some ‘un-learning’ or helping them find the notes without all the fear. Helping them realize the voice that’s telling them ‘they can’t’ is just a lie.


Some of my pupils have really found their music, that little kid I taught all those years ago who’s now playing for the CTPO, or the adult pupil who played her first private concert to her friends, or the lady who thought she’d never play in front of people, who sat at our last recital and played with incredible musicality. Or the kid that has suddenly started finding the notes and is no longer singing off-pitch.


The DJ’s and producers who’ve linked music notation to their language of midi, who’ve gone on to bring ‘human’ back into their music by learning how to play, to understand and how to apply those extra layers – the skill that playing an instrument brings to their production.


Sometimes it’s the moments when my pupils are playing and I can hear something more than the music, sometimes it’s in the ‘banter’ between the notes when we’re talking about other stuff, drinking tea, joining the dots between our lives and how that relates to the notes…. Those moments are what matter. When the person sitting at my piano starts to find their music and PLAY.


Tonight, I had the privilege of sitting in the audience of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, watching as one of my little singers took to the stage on her last performance as ‘Marta’ for the CT show. As a teacher, the absolute privilege of being part of the journey that has had such a phenomenal beginning for this little girl is something quite special. She’s found her notes.   Tonight, she sang her heart out for a massive audience and tonight I am utterly proud. Little Eve C – tonight you reminded me why I have the best job in the world xxx

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